We had an awesome chocolate boxer named Jasmine. We spoiled her with items from visits to many local pet stores. We always visited the fish section and my husband would say, “I always wanted to have a saltwater tank.” After listening to his wish many times, I made him a deal. We will get a small freshwater tank and a couple of fish and if he can keep them alive, we will consider a saltwater tank. Ha!

After a year of different fish coming and going to the big sea in the sky, we were down to our last little fish. The last survivor came down with (get this) “hole in the head” disease. It is literally what happens, poor lil dude gave up and went belly up. I thought, ok, he will give up now. BIG HA!

Our daughters decided to give away their bearded dragons and gave him their 50 gallon tank. It was like turning a wine enthusiast loose, unsupervised in a vineyard.

That tank got a big scrubbing and he began drawing out plans, reading many magazines, visiting fish stores. This was soon followed by purchases that left me speechless with the sheer volume of things that were necessary and important to put together a good tank, even if the starter tank was considered a small one.  I confess (it’s good for the soul) that I got excited and started looking at fish and corals too.

I am sure our Saltwater Aquarium journey is far from over, but I have to say, it has been fun and educational with some defeats and any many successes. As the mate of Saltwater enthusiast, I also learned some things along the way. This blog is to share those lessons, some funny and some hard.