All Places in ‘Tucson’

  • Shark Reef – Exotic Aquariums

    Shark Reef features tanks just loaded with cherry specimens. Not just one here, one there. They are FILLED WITH FIRE!! Not to mention in true Shark Reef form, a beautiful bullet front and center with SHARK waiting to show off his eating skills with a hand fed treat.

  • Tropical Kingdom

    Tropical Kingdom, located in Tucson,  is a full-line, independent pet store featuring a wide range of pets and pet supplies including both saltwater and freshwater aquarium fish as well as brackish aquarium fish. In additional to aquatic animals, they also offer reptiles, amphibians and other small animals.

  • Arizona Nature Aquatics

    One of Arizona’s only freshwater fish speciality store with a concentration on planted aquariums, discus, and dwarf cichlids.  Arizona Nature Aquatics is enthusiastic about transforming any size aquarium into three-dimensional living art. At Arizona Nature Aquatics, you’ll find the widest selection of aquatic plants in Arizona and a huge array of fresh water fish and dry goods. You’ll also find a good selection of in stock glass aquariums, tools and lighting

  • Fishy Bizness

    Fishy Bizness offers saltwater fish and corals.  The store features an extensive quarantine system to ensure the health of each particular specie. They also offer an extensive in-store selection of dry goods, equipment and supplies for the marine hobbyist. Their services and products include: Aquarium Setups and Equipment Saltwater Fish, Corals, and Invertebrates Saltwater Supplements and Care Supplies Aquarium In Home Care and Maintenance Visit the Fishy Bizness forum thread on Reef Central ››  

  • Oasis Tropical Fish

    Oasis Tropical Fish is one of the oldest saltwater stores in southern Arizona. Oasis Tropical Fish is hobbyist owned and operated making it a great resource for saltwater keepers the Tucson area. Moving Service 24 Hour Emergency Service Free Consultations Maintenance Free Water Testing We Buy Livestock (Cash or Trade) Baby Sitting Livestock Vacation Maintenance/Service Hospital Tanks Equipment Rental Educational Discount Monthly Auctions