All Places in ‘Peoria’

  • The Saltwater Junkies

    The Saltwater Junkies is family owned and operated, and it is the newest must-see reef shop for the hobbyists on the west side. Conveniently located, they are just west of the 101 on Olive Avenue in the Olive Business Park. They feature a huge selection of quality frags starting with a large $10 frag section filled with a little bit of everything including hard-to-find LPS, SPS and Zoanthids. In addition to coral, the Saltwater Junkies also offer a great selection of fish and invertebrates with an eye on the unique. They have a large selection of dry goods, supplies and equipment, some of which you won’t find in other stores around the valley! If you’re on the west side, then The Saltwater Junkies should definitely be on your list of stores to visit. If you’re not on the west side, then it would be worth the trip.